First Cohort of KISD Teacher Leadership Academy Successfully Completes Program

The first-ever cohort of the Kerrville ISD Teacher Leadership Academy was launched this school year. The Academy focused on helping teachers develop as leaders. This year, 35 applicants were accepted into the program.  ESC-20 Leadership Consultant, Demetrio Garcia, was present at each meeting to facilitate. Participants met six times throughout the year and completed six modules of curriculum as well as a book study over Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Helping Teachers Develop as Leaders (3rd Edition) by Marilyn Katzenmeyer and Gayle Moller. 

“Continuously Investing in our staff is one of the most important things we can do for our children,” Superintendent Dr. Mark Foust said. “Developing teacher leaders in our district is one of our key district goals and a vital component / element of our district strategic plan.” (Click the title to view full story.)

Throughout the course of the program, participants were tasked with creating projects on their campuses called “Risk Taking Opportunities” (RTOs) designed to take the individual out of their comfort zone and create an impactful experience in hopes to enrich the lives of students and improve their campus.

“I felt it [the Leadership Academy] was a very valuable time in learning from one another, challenging one another, and looking to see how we can continually grow as professionals and as a district,” Tivy teacher, Konrad Wert said. “By empowering teachers, instilling leadership qualities, and encouraging us to dig deeper, we ultimately are helping build greater opportunity for our students.  It’s all about the students.”

Cohort members had the option to choose to continue on to the “Tier 2 – Admin Experience” component during the months of April and May which will consist of members shadowing a position they are interested in exploring or learning more about.

“In a word, I found the Leadership Academy refreshing,” Tivy High School teacher, Leigh Decker said. “Surrounded by positive and innovative teachers with passionate hearts for kids was both inspiring and encouraging, as each of us endeavors to be a light for others on our campus.”