KISD Announces Teacher Incentive Allotment Awards

Kerrville, TX (March 2, 2023) – Kerrville ISD is proud to announce that 38 teachers have earned the Texas Education Agency’s Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) for their outstanding performance in the classroom.

The Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) was created in 2019 through House Bill 3 as a way to recruit, reward, and retain highly effective teachers. TIA recognizes effective teachers with three different designation levels: Recognized, Exemplary, and Master. The designations generate recognition and financial rewards for top teacher performers.

 “Kerrville ISD is committed to the rewarding top teachers for continuous teacher growth and significant student outcomes,” said Lauren Tilley, Director of Advanced Academics and Postsecondary Readiness and KISD’s project lead for the TIA program. “School administrators worked tirelessly during this process to ensure that teachers in KISD have the opportunity to pursue recognition.”

Districts must undergo a rigorous, multi-year process to be approved for a local TIA designation system. Kerrville was notified last month by the Texas Education Agency that the TIA data submitted for the 2021-2022 school year was found valid and the district received full system approval. Passing the validation process allows teacher designations to be officially granted for designation. All teachers who earn a designation maintain the award for five years. The cash awards range from $4,300 to $22,000 depending on designation level and campus type.

Kerrville ISD is proud to announce that the following teachers have earned a TIA designation: Amy Alejandro, Amanda Baehre, Bethany Brown, Scott Carlson, Allison Carroll, Austin Clarkson, Stacie Cockrill, Paola Compean, Alita Davis, Katie Dieringer, Lea Anne Duckworth, Erin Falcon, Michael Freeman, Mary Ellen Gebhard, Carol Gelsone, Melissa Grubb, Jennifer Haas, Stephanie Halpin, Melissa Hoyne, Candace Huddleston, Rachel Jordan, Chris Levens, Heather Likin, Iris Marks, Kathleen McKee, Sarah Mejia, Hope Mills, Megan Nichols, Julie Nobles, Evan Owens, Merydwen Peschel, Margaret Portillo, Megan Russ, Kristen Scogin, Hillarie Swanner, Jasmin Turner, Lydia Wagner, Carissa Warren.

“When I started the TIA process, I didn’t realize how much it would push me to grow in my profession,” said Amanda Baehre, ELAR teacher at Hal Peterson Middle School. “Because of TIA, I collaborated more with my colleagues, I pushed myself to have more ownership on my campus and focused more intentionally on student needs.”

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KISD First TIA Cohort

Kerrville ISD Teachers earning Teacher Incentive Allotment Designations include, left to right, back row: Candace Huddleston, Kathleen McKee, Allison Carroll, Bethany Brown, Michael Freeman, Chris Levens, Margaret Portillo, Jazmin Turner, Kristen Scogin, Scott Carlson, Hope Mills, Sarah Mejia, Austin Clarkson, and Evan Owens; front row: Rachel Jordan, Amanda Baehre, Lea Anne Duckworth, Carol Gelsone, Hoyne, Carissa Warren, Megan Nichols, Stephanie Halpin, Katie Dieringer, Lydia Wagner, Mary Ellen Gebhard, Stacie Cockrill, Amy Alejandro, Megan Russ, Julie Nobles, Heather Likin, Iris Marks, Hillarie Swanner, Alita Davis, Erin Falcon, Paola Compean, and Melissa Grubb. Not pictured are Jennifer Haas and Merydwen Peschel.