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Robotics Kickoff sparks imagination

LEGO Robotics Teams from across the district came together for a kickoff event on Sept. 17 at Tom Daniels Elementary.

This year’s competition theme is “City Shaper”.

To plant some ideas, Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn was the guest speaker and shared some community needs to spark students’ imaginations.

Kerrville Mayor Bill Blackburn

Mayor Blackburn listed some city elements, such as walkability, parks and infrastructure, workforce housing, waste management and recycling, and others.

Teams were then given two minutes to get together and discuss ideas and come up with questions for the mayor.

Nimitz Robotics Team

Starkey Robotics Team

Daniels Robotics Team

Tally Robotics Team

During the Q & A session, questions teams posed included, ‘How do sidewalks get built?’, ‘How does the city accommodate the elderly and what do they do to help?’ and ‘How can we get more solar panels on buildings?’.

Robotics teams from each elementary campus will begin meeting and planning ahead of their competition later in the school year.

Robotics Kickoff