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KPSF Awards more Instant Impact Grants

KPSF generously awarded Nimitz members with an Instant Impact Grant.   After turning in a grant application explaining where the funds would be used, KPSF chose these 6 staff members to be awarded.  

Abigail Varnado - (K-5-Special Education) - For speech/language therapy tools. 

Dana Pace - (School Counselor) - For iPad to use with students during individual and group sessions.

Crystal Stahl - (1st grade teacher) - For puzzles for word building, sound blends and math skills.

Elizabeth Riley - (2nd grade teacher) - For tall desksing for learning and working in a standing environment.

Amanda Galindo - (3rd grade teacher) - For STEM project books that incorporate reading, science and math.

Lydia Wagner - (5th grade teacher) - For additional math resources for hands-on learning.

Thank You very much to the Kerrville Public School Foundation for their continued support.