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Kerrville ISD began with a gift of land and desire by one community member to start a first-rate school. Since 1890, education has served as the foundation for this community. The incorporation of the city was the direct result of the desire of dedicated citizens to promote quality education.

Pioneer and founding father, Captain Joseph A. Tivy, for whom the first school was named, came to Kerr County from Canada intent on establishing a first-rate school. He combed the community for support, offering the land needed to build. Volunteers scurried throughout the dusty area with petitions in hand in support of incorporation, because only an official city could accept such a generous gift. And so, in 1890, Kerrville was born and Captain Tivy's land for the first school served as the first step in providing for the education for children in Kerrville.


The T-shaped, two story, masonry structure with heavy limestone walls still stands proudly and today houses KISD's Central Administrative staff. Each day staff enters the historic building with great pride and sense of duty in honor of Captain Tivy's own mission to serve the educational needs of children. Photos from the first graduating class of 1892 hang in the lobby. That year, three students made up the Tivy High graduating class and it was truly a great accomplishment.

Today, nearly 300 students graduate each year from Tivy High School and each senior class takes the time to honor and recognize Captain Tivy's dream for all students. His goal to provide an excellent education has been realized and well over 100 years later, KISD proudly honors his memory by continuing that dream.

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