• Tivy Counseling Department

      Tivy High School provides a comprehensive developmental guidance program based on The Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Fifth Edition, (Texas Model). The Model was designed in order to establish, implement, manage, and evaluate the comprehensive school counseling program designed to benefit all their students. This program provides individual assistance in a proactive manner which emphasizes the response to students' expected developmental needs at a time when those needs can be most effectively met.

      The Tivy Guidance and Counseling Department consists of four academic guidance counselors who work with students according to their last names. There is also a registrar, counseling department secretary, and college & career advisor to assist parents, students, and staff.   

      Professional Guidance Counselors:

      Missy VanHoozer, School Counselor for students with the last names A-D

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3521


      Tammy Callcott, School Counselor for students with the last names E-K

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3522


      Luis Espinosa, School Counselor for students with last names L-Q

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3523


      Julie Swalve, School Counselor for students with last names R-Z

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3524




      Counseling Secretary: Allison Daggett

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3520


      Registrar: Charity Weldon

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3542


      College and Career Advisor: Katea Riederer

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3543


      Testing Coordinator: Jason Gilbreath

      Contact Information:


      830-257-2212, ext. 3541