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    BT Wilson Targeted Improvement Plan Board Hearing 

    Date: Monday, Dec. 16, 2019 6 p.m. 

    Central Office Board Room

    1009 Barnett Street 

    In compliance with state requirements TEC 39A.055(3) and TEC 39A 057, a public hearing for Targeted Improvement Plans for campuses rated D Overall or F in any one domain on the Texas Accountability System and campuses rated Comprehensive based on the federal requirements of Domain III must be held.  For the 2019 Accountability System, BT Wilson 6th Grade Campus received and overall rating of a “D” and an “F” in Domain III.

    Campuses which received a "D" within one or more domains during the 2019 accountability cycle must engage in the Effective Schools Framework (ESF) process. ESF is a continuous improvement process that consists of data analysis, needs assessment, improvement planning, and implementation and monitoring of a Targeted Improvement Plan.

    Information regarding the ratings and performance of our school can be found at www.txschools.org.

    Members of the public are invited to attend the BT Wilson Targeted Improvement Plan Board Hearing on Monday, December 16th at 6 pm to give input and feedback on the targeted plan. 

    To view the plan, click the link below: 

    BT Wilson Targeted Improvement Plan