• Kerrville ISD is excited to introduce its new employee recognition initiative, the Inspire Award. The purpose is to highlight district employees who show up and inspire students and others around them.

    This campaign allows employees at all levels to be recognized for their great efforts, selfless acts and commitment to kindness. This is our way of saying we see and appreciate you! 

    Inspire Award recipients will be recognized at regular board meetings, receive social media shout-outs, and be featured on this page. 

    Submit a nomination form here. 

  • March 2024 Inspire Award Recipients

    KISD March 2024 Inspire Award Recipients Roy Baccus and Katea Riederer 

    Roy Baccus, Tivy High School Custodian 

    Katea Riederer, Tivy College & Career Advisor


    February 2024 Inspire Award Recipients

    KISD February Inspire Award Recipients Brisa Hernandez and Carri Morgan

    Brisa Hernandez, 1st Grade Teacher at Nimitz Elementary School 

    Carri Morgan, Principal's Administrative Assistant, Hal Peterson Middle School 



    January 2024 Inspire Award Recipients 

    January 2024 KISD Inspire Award Recipients Katie Butler and Steve Schwarz 

    Katie Butler, HPMS Librarian

    Steve Schwarz, Senior Director of Alternative Education, Hill Country High School


    December 2023 Inspire Award Recipients 

    December 2023 KISD Inspire Award Recipients

    Melody Macias, Special Education Inclusion Aide, Tally Elementary

    Gabe Moreno, Maintenance Department


    November 2023 Inspire Award Recipients

    KISD November Inspire Award Winners

    Maria Perez, Nimitz Elementary, Custodial Department 

    Mandi Sprayberry, Tivy High School Librarian

    Danielle Alonzo, Tivy High School Special Education Teacher 


    October 2023 Inspire Award Recipents 

    October Inspire Award Recipients Maggie Portillo, Adam Marshall and Gina Castillo 

    Maggie Portillo, Tivy High School 

    Adam Marshall, Maintenance Department 

    Gina Castillo, Tally Elementary, Custodial Department