• Every day, we're faced with hundreds of choices that can potentially impact our future. Will we go to college? What will we study? What kind of job will we get? We could be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer. The possibilities are endless.

    Being prepared for your future means understanding what you want out of your career and the steps it takes to get there. At Nimitz, that means taking advantage of opportunities to learn all you can about your possible future—whether that's through technology, science experiments in the classroom, field trips, or through volunteer work and extracurricular activities. Even small actions like staff wearing their college shirts and furthering the students' college awareness can make a difference —especially on a local scale.

    It's important to not only show students what their future could be like but also show them how they can get there. When opportunities are presented to students at school in addition to the ones at home and in their own communities, they feel more empowered in their futures and they become better prepared for what it will take to achieve those dreams.