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    I am thrilled to be a part of the Starkey family and Kerrville ISD.  This is my 4th year as a counselor.  I was a counselor in Bandera for 3 years before coming here.  I taught for 13 years before I became a counselor, and I have taught in both elementary and secondary schools.  My husband used to be a coach so we have lived all over the state of Texas!  I have in taught in Abilene, Huffman, Midland and Bandera before coming to Kerrville.  

    My husband is an AP at Tivy High School (TFND) here in Kerrville and my 3 kids (2 boys and a girl) all attend Kerrville schools.  We truly love being here, and I can't wait to see the great things that are going to happen here at Starkey!


    Here is some information about what counseling services are offered:

    Individual Counseling - this can be requested by a parent and/or teacher.  Parent permission must be obtained before I can begin counseling a student.  I typically meet with students 5-6 times for 30 minutes.  If a student needs further counseling beyond the sessions that I see them, I will speak with the parent and give them counseling resources they can seek out.


    Group Counseling - students will meet in small groups with 2-3 students in each group.  Group Counseling topics can be "Stress Management", "Test Anxiety", or any other topic that students may need help with.  I will meet with students for about 5-6 times and 30 minutes for each session.


    Please understand that school counselors do NOT diagnose mental health conditions.

  • Six Pillars of Character

    Posted by Keri Irvin on 12/3/2018

    It's hard to believe that the first semester will be coming to a close in a few weeks.  This time of year is full of great memories for so many people, while at the same time it can be the hardest season in the year for others.  Either way it is always important to remember what good character is and how far-reaching it's effects can be.  

    This six weeks Character Pillar is Trustworthiness.  The term in itself states that you are worthy of trust if you are lucky enough to be described as such.  Returning lost items, not deceiving others, being reliable, and having the courage to do the RIGHT thing are just some examples of how to be a trustworthy person.  Trust, once broken, can be very hard to mend, so being trustworthy is an important part of being a person of character.

    "Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair."


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    Southwest Texas State University 2001

    BA in Art and Minor in Anthropology


    Lamar University 2014

    M.Ed. in School Counseling

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