Mr. Timothy Manchester



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Mr. Timothy Manchester

Welcome to Tally Elementary School! I am Timothy Manchester and I am the Computer Lab Aide. Below is a summary of my family, my computer background and an expression of joy at working with your students. I look forward to 2018-19 at Tally!

A BIT ABOUT WHO I AM: My wife, Cheryl Manchester, teaches at Tom Daniels Elementary School. We have four adult children, Jon Paul, Laura, Timothy, and Caleb. We have lived in Kerrville for seven years and we LOVE the Hill Country. In addition, I love students and computers and Tally is a perfect place to experience both!

A BIT ABOUT MY LIFE WITH COMPUTERS: I have enjoyed computers since 1988. I have experienced the changes to computer Operating Systems, from DOS 3.2 to today’s Windows10, (although the first computer I used was the original Macintosh with its 9” amber-word screen). I have used Microsoft Office Pro, from the DOS 5.1 version to MS Office Pro 2016. I love helping students learn proficiency in the computing world, whether it’s conquering word processing, spreadsheets, presentations or databases.

A BIT ABOUT WORKING AT TALLY: Tally is a wonderful workplace! Staff, students and parents are amazing. Your students are awesome to work with and it is a pleasure watching their weekly progress at the Tally Elementary School computer lab!