BT Wilson

BT Wilson 6th Grade School

  • Burtrus Tobias Wilson, Jr. was an exceptional man, a dedicated educator, a distinctive leader, a talented musician, and a devoted family man. Born in Seguin, but growing up in Waco, B.T. was the youngest of five boys. His father was the first black to graduate from high school in Gillsburg, Illinois in 1868. Education was always extremely important to his family. While attending Bishop College he met his future wife, Itasco, and they married in 1932

    B.T. moved to Kerr County in 1940 with his wife and children to work in the Kerrville Colored School, a segregated school for black children. During his tenure, he was instrumental in naming the school Doyle High after Mrs. A.W. Doyle who donated the land and for so long was the only teacher for the black children. He also wrote the school song, “The Purple and White.” He graciously served Doyle in the position of principal, but never hesitated to serve as counselor, coach, choir and band director, or even as the janitor. His concern, love and interest prompted students to give him the affectionate name of “Prof” (short for professor)

    When the Kerrville schools were integrated, Mr. Wilson took a position at Tivy High School as a mathematics and biology teacher. He retired from teaching at Tivy HS in 1973.  He passed away on August 8, 1998. The school board approved naming a school after Mr. Wilson, and B.T. Wilson Sixth Grade was opened on August 19, 2002 at 1010 Barnett Street (site of the present day Disciplinary Alternative Education Center).