Degrees and Certifications:

Eric Pehl



This is my 26th year in education teaching math.  I spent my first eight years at Kerrville Tivy teaching Algebra and coaching football and baseball.  The next eight years were spent at College Station Middle School teaching 7th and 8th grade math.  Followed by 4 years at Marble Falls Middle School teaching 8th grade and coaching 8th grade girls.  My wife, Jade, is a physical therapist at the Peterson Outpatient Clinic.  I have two children: Braxton (9th) and Kaylyn (4th).


Math is an essential, necessary and important life skill to learn and understand.  Math is a subject that needs constant work to build the best foundation possible for a student’s future.  Therefore, there WILL be homework assigned in my math classes.  I give each student a hard copy of the calendar that I plan to follow.  The calendar will have the lesson that is being covered and when the tests are to be given.  I do try to stay on track with the calendars, but uncertainties may lead to occasional changes.  If something happens, I do let the students know so they can change their calendar.  I will provide a thorough lesson with plenty of examples on how to do the problems.  I encourage the students input throughout the lesson.

TUTORIALS (Office Hours)

All students are given the opportunity to hear, see and write down the lesson as we go through it.  Students should have a solid grasp on the material before they leave my room at the end of class.  If not, I am available for tutoring EVERY morning at 7:15 and most days after school except Fridays.


If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get the assignments and notes.  Absent assignments need to be picked up before or after school, NOT at the beginning of class.  The notes will need to be copied from another student. Students get 2 days for every absence to get their missed assignments in with no penalty. School-related absences (sports, ROTC, band…) you should get work before your absence and schedule time to take quizzes or tests BEFORE YOU ARE GONE. 


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