• This page is dedicated as a resource for parents concerning Virtual KISD & COVID-19.

  • Tivy Students/Office 365/Microsoft Teams

    For Tivy students, please access the Teams app the following ways:

    1. Download the Microsoft Teams app from the app store on your device (Google Play or the Apple Store).  Login using instructions listed below.
    2. Login to Office 365 by clicking this link: https://login.microsoftonline.com/  Students need to login into their Office 365 account using instructions listed below.  Once logged into your Office account, click on the ‘Teams’ icon.  If the ‘Teams’ icon is not displayed, then click on the “waffle” square in the top left corner to display all available apps within the Office 365 account. 

    User name: KISD email address (first five letters of the last name first three letters of the first name followed by three zeros @kerrvilleisd.net for example, Mark Smitherman’s username would be smithmar000@kerrvilleisd.net)

    Password: Skyward Access password

    Students at Tivy high school received training on Office 365 in the fall. For student not enrolled at that time or for student who do not remember their login or password, we ask for them to please contact the office.

    *For instructions on how to use the Teams app and/or Zoom, please refer to the Students Section (Virtual Learning) of our website for more information.