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Kerrville ISD currently accepts inter-district transfers for students that live outside of the Kerrville ISD boundaries. For the 2024-2025 school year, there is no tuition fee. The parent/guardian of a nonresident student may request in writing to transfer to a campus by completing an inter-district transfer application. Transfers are granted on a yearly basis. 

‚ÄčTransfer Process for New Transfers:

To be considered for transfer status, parents/guardians must complete a transfer form.  When the parents/guardians sign the transfer form, it will give KISD administrators and support staff consent to contact the current and previous schools and districts to obtain information to assist in determining the child’s academic, disciplinary, and attendance qualifications for transfer. 

Once the first page of the form is completed and signed, the parents/guardians will schedule a meeting with a campus administrator. Copies of the following records, if applicable, must be brought to the meeting:

Attendance records from the previous three academic years;
Any discipline referrals;
Academic transcripts and records from the first year of school through the current year;
Individual student state standardized test (STAAR/EOC) results; and
Individual student state and/or national progress or norm test results (PSAT, SAT/ACT, ITBS, TPRI, etc.)

If the transfer is approved, the campus administrator will sign the form.  Then the parents/guardians will bring the transfer form to the Superintendent’s Office to finish the process.

If there are two or more children in a family attending different campuses, this process has to be completed at each campus.

Upon approval, the campus principal will reach out to the family to confirm the transfer. 

Transfer Process for Returning Transfers:

In order to renew your student’s transfer for the 2024-2025 school year, please:

  • Complete the first page of the transfer form and take it to your child(ren)'s campus 
  • Call the campus(es) that your student(s) will be attending to schedule a meeting with an administrator between now and May 23, 2025. The only exception is if you have a current fifth, sixth or eighth grader, you will need to contact the campus that they are currently attending to schedule a meeting not the school that they will be attending next year.  (Current ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students that are returning transfers do not need to schedule a meeting.)
  • If the transfer is approved, obtain a school administrator's signature (Principal, Assistant Principal or Counselor) at the meeting.

If there are two or more children in a family attending different campuses, this process has to be completed at each campus.

In District (Intra-District) Transfer Requests - Kerrville ISD does not accept intra-district (from one KISD campus to another KISD campus) transfer requests. 

For more information, please contact the campus directly. 

Transfer Applications are available for download on the Transfer Application page on the left.