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Kerrville ISD Health Alert Protocol

Kerrville ISD Health Alert Protocol

Kerrville ISD is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment to students and staff. There are rare occasions in which a student contracts a communicable illness that poses a serious danger to the student’s well-being, or the well-being of others.  When this occurs, Kerrville ISD works closely with the State Department of Health to confirm the illness and prescribe a course of action to properly notify and protect the campus and community.

There are times in which no action is necessary because the illness does not pose a threat to others. In some cases, specific actions are required. Examples include, but are not limited to:

·         Campus or community-wide notifications

·         Campus cleaning protocols

·         Quarantine

Whatever the case, Kerrville ISD will follow the prescribed actions exactly and immediately.

Hearing about a serious illness is highly concerning. If you have a health related question or concern, please call your child’s school nurse or the principal. You can also call the Kerrville ISD Central Office at 257-2200 ext. 1016.