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Official Campus Social Media Pages 

Click the links below for the KISD-Official Campus Pages! 

Tivy High School Facebook 

Tivy High School Twitter 

Hal Peterson Middle School Facebook 

Hal Peterson Middle School Twitter 

Tom Daniels Elementary Facebook 

Nimitz Elementary Facebook 

Starkey Elementary Facebook 

Tally Elementary Facebook 

Early Childhood Center Facebook 


Social Media Policy 

Facebook Page Terms of Use
Kerrville ISD is participating in Facebook to efficiently and effectively distribute information. The main objective is to share the many accomplishments of our students, staff, campuses and the District as a whole. Additionally, breaking news and updates will be published via this Facebook page.
Administrators reserve the right to remove comments that violate district policies or do not adhere to the guidelines. The administrators also reserve the right to remove comments at any time, for any reason. Content is designed to be appropriate for all users, regardless of age. Comments left on the Facebook page should follow the same guideline. Those individuals who violate the comments policy face becoming permanently banned from participation on this page. The terms of usage may be updated at any time without prior notice. Comments are solely the opinions of the users who post them. The district takes no responsibility for misinformation included in user comments.
Comments are welcome and encouraged. However, comments will be removed if they:
• Identify individual students or staff in defamatory, abusive or negative terms.
• Do not pertain to the topic of a specific posting made by the page administrator.
• Contain abusive or inappropriate language or statements. Remarks that are racist, homophobic, vulgar, sexist, otherwise discriminatory, or attempt to incite others to engage in inappropriate or illegal activity are not permitted. Staff and students posting to the Fan page must adhere to the district’s policies and guidelines on the appropriate standards of conduct.
• Do not consider others’ right to privacy. The district is charged with protecting the privacy and rights of its students and staff.
• Violate any Kerrville ISD policy.
• Violate U.S. fair use or copyright laws.
• Promote or advertise a service or product.
• Contain links to other websites.
• Contain photographs or links to photographs. Only the site administrators are allowed to post photos to this page.
• Represent a person other than the one posting the comment.
• Contain any political information, positive or negative, including information regarding Board of Trustees elections.
• Are spam - i.e. repeatedly posting the same comment or comments that are simply advertising/promoting a service or product. If you wouldn’t want to receive it yourself, don’t post it. 

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