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Public Relations

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The Kerrville ISD Public Relations department strives to build positive relationships by providing timely information to staff, students, parents and the Kerrville community. The purpose of all communications published by the District is to promote KISD's mission as well as serve as a source of information for students, staff, parents, and stakeholders. The Kerrville ISD website, print and digital publications, social media pages, teacher websites, etc., should be a reliable and credible source of information for the District's programs, guidelines, procedures, and activities.

The department shares information with the community through use of the KISD website, an automated phone calling system, the KISD Mobile App push notifications, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, Skyward Family Access, and local news media outlets. Contact Lauren Jette, Public Relations Specialist, at 830-257-2200 (ext. 1025) with any questions or for more information about KISD.

Lauren Jette 
Public Relations Specialist
830-257-2200 Ext. 1025