• Academic Support: Behavior Intervention Program (BIP/ P.A.S.S.)

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    Classroom Syllabus

    Purpose of Curriculum:  to develop coping mechanisms and skills rooted in establishing successful and appropriate social interactions through verbal communication, actions, and positive behaviors.  

    Currculum Details: Social Skill scenarios and topics ranging from communication, listening, empathy, patience, controlling anger, managing stress, taking accountability, etc.

    • Monday- New Lesson
    • Tuesday- Lesson continued/ refresher, Group Activity
    • Wednesday- Quiz/ Review
    • Thursday- Make up work/ Work on 6 weeks Project
    • Friday- Weekly Reflection/ Engage in Social Activities

    Course Assignments and Expectations:

    50% of grade (minor grades) will be participation is class discussions and activities.  We will also have weekly reflections for students to reflect on their progress towards their personal behavior goals.  Everyday we will have a Daily Journal where students will either write something or draw in their journals.  They will have the options to share or not at the beginning of each class.  

    50% of grade (major grades) will be major projects dealing with social skills and goal setting for success in the program.  There will be one project each six weeks.

    Students will also be allowed to use this class period each week for catching up academically in other classes.  

    BIP/ PASS Team:

    In our department we also have other team members with Mrs. Octavia Penick, Mrs. Erica Clifton, and Mrs. Shim Herndon.  All of who can provide information about our program and department goals for our students.