OnRamps Computer Science

OnRamps Statistics - SDS 301: Elementary Statistical Methods

  • This is a dual enrollment course.  You will earn a high school grade/credit and you will earn a college grade (with the option to also earn college credit).  The information for this course will be in the UT Austin Canvas OnRamps course.


    Information from the UT Austin Course Syllabus:

    Course Learning Outcomes

    • Recognize and apply the basic methods of statistics and data analysis.
    • Apply an analytical framework to solve statistics problems and report findings.
    • Analyze and model real world data using the R statistical computing environment.

    Course Format and Procedures

    This course consists of eight chapters across three units: Data, Inference, and Relationships.  This course uses Flipped Learning, a pedagogy designed to engage student in the educational process.  Students are expected to gain a basic understanding of a concept prior to class by watching video and reading text within the course.  During class students will gain a deeper understanding of the content by going through the exercises in the course.