• What program is used with dyslexic students? 

    Reading By Design is a program with systematic, multisensory instructional routines and practices. The program is aligned with research-based practices for developing literacy and is designed for students with reading difficulties, like dyslexia. The program was edited several years ago and includes the components of instruction and instructional approaches supported through research as cited in The Dyslexia Handbook

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    When should reading intervention begin? 

    A Connecticut Longitudinal Study (Fletcher, Lyon, Fuchs & Barnes, 2007) followed more than 400 kindergarten students. Students were chosen by random and represented a broad sample of communities across the state. Beginning in kindergarten, these students were administered an extensive battery of assessments each year - annual assessments were collected until the end of high school. 

    • Between first and ninth grade, the bottom 25% of students in reading achievement  remained there for the remainder of the study, with very few exceptions. 
    • At about 6th grade, all students seemed to reach a plateau in their reading level. 
    • The gap between these good and poor readers never closed.

    These recurring findings have resulted in practices that emphasize prevention and early intervention in reading instruction. Our diligent work in research over the past several decades has proven the kinds of instruction that can be used to effectively address early reading problems. It is not necessary to wait years before intervention is provided. 


    When should reading intervention end? 

    Program timelines are different for each student. Some students advance quickly and no longer need intensive reading instruction. Other students progress more slowly but progressively strengthen since the program is cumulative in delivery. Students who no longer leave the classroom for dyslexia instruction are placed on "monitored status," meaning that we closely monitor reading in the classroom setting. If data indicates a decline, the student may return to the program for additional practice and instruction.