• This year students will have a little over two hours in reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. In class we will read, write about what we read, write about topics researched, write using grammar concepts learned and read for a sustained amount of time. Students will have spelling homework, comprehension homework and should read for at least 20 minutes each night for the purposes of fluency and comprehension.



    7:45-9  Varwig Homeroom

    9:05-9:55  Specials

    10-11  Varwig Homeroom

    11:05-11:30 Roberts Homeroom

    11:35- 12:10  Lunch/Laps

    12:15- 1:10 Roberts Homeroom

    1:15-1-40 Recess

    1:45-2:30 Roberts Homeroom

    2:35-3:10 RTI (homework help)