• Hal Peterson Middle School

    RLA Department

    Course 8th grade RLA



    Instructor: Forrest Walker

    Room: H111

    Email: forrest.walker@kerrvilleisd.net

    Website: https://www.kerrvilleisd.net/Domain/2385





    2/3 Block - ELAR

    9:15 - 11:10

    4/5 Block ELAR (4A Lunch)

    11:15 - 1:55 (11:15-11:45)

    6/7 Block ELAR

     2:00- 4:00

    Course Description

    In this course, you will continue to increase your literacy skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing and thinking.

    You will also focus on connections in literacy though daily academic conversations, writing and reading.

    You will build on your prior knowledge and skills to read increasingly complex text selected by you and your teacher.

    You will also continue to grow your vocabulary and focus on the author’s craft.

    You will research and write in order to continue to build your skills in multiple writing styles.


    This course prepares you for the transition to high school English courses.


    Grading Policy

    Minor Assignments – 50%

    Major Assignments – 50%


    Classroom Expectations

    Be respectful

    Be compassionate

    Be prepared

    Be responsible for your own learning