• FAQ's

    How do I log into TEAMS?

    Students will need to log into TEAMS through CLEVER.  Clever can be found on our Kerrville ISD webpage.  Go to kerrvilleisd.net - Click Virtual KISD - Select Clever.  You can also click here for the parent resources page.  Students will then use their  first name and lunch number.  Their password is their lunch number.  Again, there is a button to Clever on the KISD parent resources page (pictured below).  Here is a video for additional support

    What is synchronous learning?

    Synchronous delivery is learning that is delivered in specific place, at a specific time, to all students (e.g. students participate in a live Zoom session from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m.). Synchronous delivery provides students with immediate feedback from their teacher and / or fellow learners. 

    What is asynchronous learning?

    Asynchronous delivery is learning that is provided to students and accessed when they choose (e.g. a posted recording of a lecture that students can watch and post a discussion board comment about). Asynchronous delivery allows students to self-pace their learning and access resources and support as needed. 

    How will the teacher deliver synchronous and asynchronous learning?

    All learning materials will be available through Office365-TEAMS.  Live classroom learning will be available and scheduled times will be posted in TEAMS.  I will also upload the recordings for accessibility.  All assignment work will be posted in TEAMS under the Assignment tab.

    How can a student engage in continuous learning to ensure passing a course?

    A schedule of Zoom classes has been developed and provided to families. Participating in a Zoom session is the best way to get started.

    How do I turn on notifications in TEAMS?

    Don't miss an assignment because the notifications feature is not active. Watch this video.

    What is the grading policy for Investigating Careers, Principles of Applied Engineering, and Principles of Business, Marketing, and Finance?

    Grading Guidelines 

    60% from:

    Tests – 30% / Project Work – 30% 

    Examples: Large Projects-Summative; Final Project Reports-Summative, Presentations-Summative, Portfolios-Summative, Tests-Summative 

    40% from:

    Quizzes – 20% / Participation – 10% / Classwork – 10% 

    Informal Quizzes, Entrance & Exit Tickets, Practices Tests, Daily Warm-Ups, Small Project-Formative, Re-do Assignments, Student Involvement

    15% of the overall semester grade from:

    Semester Exam Grade - Semester Average

    Please note: Points are deducted based on behavior from daily participation grade. This includes virtual students.

    Late Work 

    A maximum of 10 points per day, up to a maximum of 30 points will be deducted from the grade.  If not submitted within 5 days, a zero will be recorded in the gradebook.  Extenuating circumstance will be handled in a case-by-case basis. 

    Where can my child find assignment feedback?

    Students will need to check Office365-TEAMS, under the assignment, for feedback.

     What if I have other questions or concerns?

    Contact me through email at venissa.rodriguez@kerrvilleisd.net