• Step-by-step instructions to login for course assignments:



    Virtual students will need to have the following art supplies: (week 1 & 2 can be completed with only white paper & pencil)

    folder with pockets & brads

    white paper



    assorted black sharpies

    colored pencils


    watercolor tray

    pencil sharpener

    bottle of glue

    (additional supplies or household items may be needed at a later date)


    Virtual Attendance:

    Daily login will be required.  Every schoolday morning I will assign an "art-up" (daily art warm up).  It will be a quick step-by-step drawing  to complete then attach a photo.  Attendance will be recorded by daily art-up participation.  The assignment will be available to complete from 7:30am until 11:59pm each school day.

Virtual Classroom Norms