• Week 1 Assignment

    1. Choose your own song that means something you that also has lyrics with some deeper meaning. (message me if you have a song that you think needs approval)
    2. Find and copy a link to the song lyrics (can be written on lyric website or on a youtube version)
    3. Post on the Class Gallery with this information:
    [Title] First and Last Name
    Song Title:
    Link to song:
    Theme of song: (1 complete sentence)
    Why I connect with this song(2-3 complete sentences)
    Examples of figurative language: (2-3 complete sentences)


    Welcome Students!

    *All full time virtual students MUST sign into Teams and participate in class activities each day to be marked present. This starts on the FIRST DAY (8/24)*


    TEAMS log in

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    Username: yourKISDusername@kerrvilleisd.net 

    Password: yourKISDpassword


    Contact the school if you don't know your username and/or password.


    All full time virtual students will use the Team labeled "Virtual English 2" instead of the class period Team.