Planet HS Athletic Forms

    1. Go to https://studentcentral.bigteams.com/
    2. Sign up for a STUDENT account using your Kerrville ISD email as your username
      1. Parent will create their own account later (instructions below)
    3. Log in
    4. Fill out basic profile information
    5. Click the black bar at the top “menu” if you’re on your phone. If you are on a computer, go to step 6.
    6. Click athletic forms
    7. Make sure your school is listed as Hal Peterson Middle School (7th grade) or Tivy (9-12th)
      1. If it isn’t and you’re on your phone, click the box with 3 lines in the top right corner, click your name, then click settings and change it
      2. If it isn’t and you’re on a computer, click on your name, click settings and change it
    8. Make sure all other information on the athletic forms page is correct (sports, parent info, etc.)
    9. Click “link parent account” and you can enter their email (preferred) or phone number. It will send an email/text to your parent that they will use to create their parent's account.
    10. Scroll to the bottom
    11. 5 blue links will need to be completed (Medical History, Physical Examination, UIL Participation, Travel Card, KISD Agreements)
    12. Medical History: (2 options)
      1. If you have the hard copy (with all the yes/no answers) filled out from when you got your physical, you can click “print/upload here”, then upload a document, then take a picture with your phone and upload, or upload a file if it’s on your computer.
      2. If you don’t have a hard copy filled out, you can fill out the questions online.
      3. PLEASE BE SURE TO EXPLAIN ALL “YES” ANSWERS IN THE BOX NEAR THE BOTTOM BEFORE YOU SIGN (ex: yes for allergies, please just list seasonal if that’s the case)
    13. Physical Examination:
      1. Click upload document, choose file, then either take a picture with your phone, or upload a file if you’re on your on the computer.
    14. Other 3 forms:
      1. Fill out/initial forms
    15. Have your parents log in and approve all 5 forms when you’re done.


    When you think you’re finished, you should see “Pending Staff Approval” on the Medical History and the Physical Examination forms and “Complete” on the last 3 forms. Otherwise, it will tell you what needs to be done. Please save your login information in a safe place for next year! Thank You!

    Email Support link: support@bigteams.com

    Thank you,
    Kerrville Athletic Department