Welcome to Tech Theatre
  • Throughout our studies in Technical theatre, we will explore all aspects of what happens behind the scenes to make a production go from an idea to performance. Students will be asked to work hands-on through multiple units of study to explore all elements of theatre in order to focus on more specific skills in later courses (Technical Theatre 3 and 4). 

    Introduction to Technical Theater (Tech 1)

    Students in Introduction to Technical Theatre (Tech 1) will do an introductory study of all elements of theatre in order to then be able to carry on to Tech 2/3 and apply their skills to production crews - construction, design, stage management - for our school production season.

    Advanced Tech - Tech 2, 3 & 4

    Tech 2/3/4 Students will apply for and assist in the production of our season of shows this year as well as submit for UIL Theatrical Design contest (set design, costume design, hair and makeup design, and marketing). Over the course of one school year, Advanced Tech students can add up to four full-sized productions to their professional resumes.

    Click on the correct tab to access Syllabi for each class as well as Year at a Glances and important documents needed.

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