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    Practice Schedule:

    Mondays:  Scott Schreiner 2:35-5:30 

    Tuesdays: Riverhill Country Club 2:35-5:30

    Wednesdays:  Riverhill Country Club 2:35-5:30

    Thursdays:  Scott Schreiner 2:35-5:30

    Fridays:  On Campus workout 2:25-3:25

Boys Golf Schedule 2020-2021

  • 2020-2021 Boys Golf Schedule TBD

  • 2020-2021 Girls Golf Schedule TBD

Practice Drills

  • Practice Drills

    The following are some drills that we will use to increase our skill levels in specific area of the game.


    Putting: Ladder drill

    Start at 3 feet, make 15 in a row.

    Back up to 6 feet. Make 12 of 15.

    Back up to 9 feet. Make 10 of 15.

    Back up to 20 feet. Putt 10 balls. Each ball should finish inside a 2 foot radius. Try to make at least one.

    **If at any step you fail to reach the goal, you must start over at 3 feet.


    Up and downs:

    Use four balls. Complete each step before moving on.

    Pitch and run with 8 iron then PW.  Get all four up and down.

    Chip shot requiring PW then SW. All four up and down.

    Shoulder high shot:  requiring a sand wedge (very little green to work with). All four up and down.  (This shot may not get higher than you are tall)



    Bunker shots: Choose 3 different bunker shots: short, intermediate, long. All four up and down at all 3 shots.



    Wedge Play: The players will play 9 holes starting each hole at 100 yards.  The goal in this drill is to shoot 27.



    Full Swing:  Good shots are well struck and fly on the intended trajectory and most importantly have been the result of proper routine.  All shots will be hit to a target.  No shots will be hit without purpose.