• It's time to get ready for the holiday concert!

    The performance will be Tuesday, December 12th at 6:00 p.m. in the Daniels Cafeteria.

    Students may wear regular school clothes or holiday colors/themed clothing.

    Our concert dress is casual but if your student wants to dress up, go ahead!


    Have your student at the cafeteria at 5:40. Since the 3rd grade will be performing as well,

    you may want to get there a bit earlier so you can find parking. The students may sit in their assigned places as they wait for the performance to begin.


    I am giving a note to the students to take home with the reminder information.


    The students have been working hard and are looking forward to this performance.

    Good Job Choir!!


    Thank you for adjusting your schedules and, for students, learning your music!

    I'm looking forward a terrific concert,

    Expect the Best and Work for Success!





    The choir sings two concerts during this year, Tuesday, December 12th and the other on Thursday, March 7th.  Concerts are in the Daniels cafeteria and start and 6:00 p.m.



     It is important that choir members attend every rehearsal so if you are absent or tardy more than three times, 

     you will be dismissed from the group.   I understand that emergencies arise and will be addressed individually.

    Siblings and friends are not allowed to stay for practice.  

    Parents:  Students will be dismissed at the front of the school at 3:45.   

    The Mustang Choir is an all year commitmentStudents will be expected to memorize their music at home, 

    participate with the group,  show appropriate behavior during practice  and respect others.  

    How can parents help? 

    Parents can help by reminding students to practice every day and providing opportunities for students to listen and sing at home