3rd grade study group students will be studying the Building a Business - Games and Toys unit OR the Utopian Destination unit!

Building a Business - Games and Toys

  • This project generates an understanding of marketing, consumer awareness, and business models by studying the games and toys industry. Students will learn about the making and selling of their favorite toys. Then students will found their own toy companies. Each group will develop a prototype of a new toy, along with one of the following: a business plan for a toy/game company; marketing campaign to sell the toy/game; or plan to mass produce the toy/game.

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Utopian Destination

  • Utopian Destination allows students to imagine, research, plan and design the city of their dreams. Through hands­‐on activities and explorations building off of the history of the local community, students gain awareness of ways in which people in the local community and other communities meet their needs for government, education, communication, transportation, and recreation. Students compare and contrast urban and rural locations, as well as study how cities evolve over time. Additionally, students examine how humans modify or adapt to their environments and how cities form around natural resources. Student learning culminates in a proposal and presentation for a new city, complete with a charter, governance structure, services outline, transportation plan, maps, and materials for promoting tourism and business development.

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