STEM is the integration of Science Technology Engineering and Math

KISD is all about our students becoming 21st Century learners!

  • Your student will get the opportunity to visit the STEM lab at least once every six weeks to explore and engage in hands-on learning! STEM is the integration of Science Techology Engineering and Math into our curriculum! 

    Your children have learned about our Engineering Design Process that we will be using throughout this school year when we are working to accomplish a STEM challenge.

    1. ASK- We must ask ourselves, what is the problem that we are trying to figure out?
    2. IMAGINE- After figuring out what our problem is we must brainstorm a variety of solutions to answer our problem!
    3. PLAN- We must pick which of our solutions we feel is best and begin figuring out how we are going to create/design our solution. You may make a sketch or come up with a list of materials during this time.
    4. CREATE- Here is where you make or design what you have come up with during your plan!
    5. TEST- this is the fun part, where you try out your plan and figure out your results!
    6. IMPROVE- what would you change about your design to make it better?
    7. COMMUNICATE- this is where we share with the class what we learned or took away from our investigation