• Zoom Meetings

    8th grade: Mondays/Wednesdays 

    4th period: 10:30 AM

    5th period:12:00 PM

    6th period: 1:00 PM

    7th Grade: Tuesdays/Thursdays

    1st period: 8:00 AM

    2nd period: 9:00 AM

    3rd period: 10:00 AM

    Please note that this is subject to change and that due to other matters times and dates will change and it is possible that we will not meet every time. I will send the links to student emails the day before a meeting. Thus, if they receive an email with a link there is a meeting. If they do not receive an email then there is not a meeting. Please be aware that the students must login  for assignments everyday M-F unless it is a holiday or student off day. 


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    • We will be working in Microsoft TEAMS, so make sure to memorize your username and password. Be sure to always login through the Virtual KISD, then your Clever account, and finally into TEAMS.
    • Every student has a Mircosoft TEAMS account along with a student email through Microsoft as well. Check your email daily!
    • I will walk you through the directions, but I will also leave "How To" videos posted here for your convenience if needed. 
    • There will be a synchronous time and day for us to meet and all other days you will be asynchronous. You will need to work everyday, Monday- Friday, to be counted PRESENT whether it is a synchronous or asynchronous day. 
    • Subject to change: Snychronous Times
    • 7th Texas History:  Tuesday/Thursday (by period)
    • 8th U.S. History: Monday/Wednesday (by period)
    • All other days will be asynchronous. I will be able to note if you are present or absent on these days. (See Class Schedule for more information).


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