• Classroom FYI:


    •  Your child will be assigned a red folder (DOT book which stands for Daily Organizing Tool). This folder will travel with your student to home and school. All of your child's homework, assignment sheets, graded papers and important school notes will be housed in this DOT book. 


    • As a parent, YOUR homework is to sign the assignment sheet each night. Your signature verifies that you are aware of your child's day and what homework they are expected to complete. This assignment sheet is a tool to help keep communication lines open between home and school. 


    • IF you need to change instructions on how your child gets home, it is imperative that you call BEFORE 2:30 to alert the office of the change. You can also send me an email (amanda.galindo@kerrvilleisd.net) or write a note. In order to keep your child safe, they will go home the usual way if they do not have a note or phone call. 


    • ALL car riders must have a placard in the vehicle and be prepared to provide identification if asked. This is for your child's safety.
    • ALL students will be brought to the vehicles at dismissal. 
    • If parents walk up to school, you will be directed to return to your vehicles for the safety of all students and staff. 

    Let's keep the lines open.

    • PLEASE call, email, or write a note if you have any concerns or questions. If you call Nimitz (257-2209) you will probably be directed to my voicemail. I will respond by 4:00 that day, if at all possible. It is my goal for you to be comfortable and trusting of me to express any concerns about your child and know that I will work towards a reasonable solution.