We will be reading a new story every week and learning new vocabulary words. You can check your child's weekly newsletters for updates on specific TEKS that are covered in the classroom. I encourage you to read with your child daily. They can read to you, or listen to you or a sibling read. Encourage them to look up difficult words and strengthen their vocabulary.


    We plan to write in our journals several times per week.  This is a great time for me to get to know your child better as well as work on grammatical conventions. We write about personal experiences, hopes and dreams, and also explore new topics based on current events and activities. You may choose to have a journal that they can write in at home. Sometimes just practicing basic sentence structure at this age can be so beneficial to them. 


    Your child will get a new list of spelling woprds each week, unless we are testing or preparing to test. These words can be found in the newsletter as well as their homework packets as flashcards. They will have a spelling test every Friday to check their mastery of the list provided. You can help your child study these words by having them cut these words out and keeping them in a ziplock. You can take them with you and pull them out whenever you have a chance.  There are also spelling games online to help them increase their abilities to become great spellers!


    Each week we will complete a Social Studies Weekly newspaper. These are very informative and engaging for them. They will be bringing them home ocassionally after they have been graded. You may want to have your child point out interesting facts they found in the article! Don't be afraid to ask them questions about what they read. If they can't retell it, you might read it again together.