Would you like to donate?


    If you'd like to help the art department, there is a list of useful donations below:

    disinfecting wipes

    plastic or cardboard food trays

    school-appropriate magazines for collage

    clean nylon stockings

    zip-lock storage bags

    baby wipes

    aluminum foil, plastic wrap, wax paper, parchment paper

    paper towels and facial tissues

    wood scraps



    pliers, hammers, wire cutters, fabric scissors

    old calendars with neat pictures

    fascinating still life "stuff" - hats, shoes, teddy bears, tools

    sea shells

    old costume jewelry


    kitchen utensils

    animal books

    books from hair stylists


    saucers, cups, bottles, glasses for still life drawing

    silk flowers


    store manikins

    styrofoam heads

    solid colored bed sheets

    "How to Draw..." books for our classroom library

    leftover ceramic tile from home projects

    craft items

    foam brushes

    fabric brushes

    scrapbooking paper


    thick yarn

    embroidery hoops

    smooth rocks

    If you have an item that's unlisted that you'd like to donate, please contact me!  This list is not exhaustive!