• What to bring for your student

    Posted by: Nurse Burkett

    ♥  Please provide all current inhalers, nebulizers, antihistamines and epi-pens as soon as possible.

    ♥  Please bring any current daily medications that must be administered during the school day in their original container.

    ♥  Please forward current asthma action plans.

    ♥  Please locate immunization record copies as needed for your childs school health record.

    ♥  Please share food, medication or environmental allergies and provide supporting documentation.  

     Documents can be scanned and sent by fax or email or provided in person.  Fax number is 830-257-2288.

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  • Should I pack extra clothing for my student?

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    Yes, always a great plan.  Extra clothes can save so much time for parents and kids.  Extra clothing like: jackets, sweaters, simple changes of clothing, and socks are lifesavers for unexpected accidents, clothing mishaps, spills, tears, etc...  

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  • What should I wear on my feet?

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    Everyday students have a great time on the playground: running, jumping, & playing hard. No one likes to give up recess time to fix injuries.  So, please wear tennis/athletic shoes or supportive shoes with a closed toe.  Save your dress shoes, open-toed sandals and heels for your safety.

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