• Economics Course Syllabus              

    Contact Information:

    Wesley Hale

    Rm. D111

    Conference Period: 6th Period

    Office Hours are Wednesdays from 1:40-2:15

    Email: wesley.hale@kerrvilleisd.net    Phone: 830-257-2212

    Students will be given the opportunity to study the American Free Enterprise System, the role of government in the American economic system, international economic relations, and consumer economics.

    Textbook: Economics, McGraw-Hill, 2015   Supplies Needed: paper and pen/pencils

    Grading policy: Daily grades- 40% (quizzes, daily work, etc.)   Test grades- 60% (tests, projects)

     It is your responsibility to get your missing assignments if you are absent.

    Scope and Sequence

    1st 6 Weeks

    Weeks 1&2  (Ch 1)

    Scarcity - Resources

    Choices - Time, Money, Want, Need

    Tradeoffs, Opportunity Cost

    Weeks 3&4  (Ch 4,5 & 6)

    Supply & Demand - Law of Demand, Schedules & Curves

    Prices - Elasticity

    Weeks 5&6  (Ch 2,3 & 7)

    Eco Types, Free Market, Market Structures

     2nd 6 Weeks

    Weeks 7&8 (Ch 8&9)

    Business Types - Corp, Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Franchise

    Labor - Labor Laws, Minimum Wage, Gender Gap, Unions

    Weeks 9&10 (Ch10 &11)

    Money, Banking, Financial Institutions, Stocks, Bonds, Insurance

    Week 11 (Ch 12&13)

    GDP & GNP, Population Trends,                Poverty,  Eco Cycles, Inflation

     3rd 6 Weeks

    Weeks 12-13 (Ch 14)

    Taxes & Govt Spending Budget Discretionary and Nondiscretionary Spending

    Weeks 14 & 15  (Ch 15 & 16)

    Fiscal Policy, Supply Side Policy/ Demand Side Policy,

    Monetary Policy, Macro Equilibrium, The Fed

    Weeks 16 & 17 (Ch 19)

    Personal Finance, Compound Interest, Credit Cards, School Loans, Credit Scores



  • Classroom Schedule

    1st Period :Economics 7:50-8:45

    2nd Period: Economics 8:50-9:50

    3rd Period: Conference 9:55-10:50

    4th Period: Economics 1st half 10:55-11:25

    Lunch 11:30-11:55

    2nd Half 11:55-12:25

    5th Period: Economics 12:30-1:25

    6th Period: Economics 1:30-2:25

    7th Period: Golf