Mi Horario (Schedule)

  • 1st Period - JV/Varsity Basketball

    2nd Period - Spanish 1 Pre-AP

    3rd Period - Spanish 2

    4th Period - Spanish 2 (B Lunch)

    5th Period - Spanish 2

    6th Period - Conference

    7th Period - Freshmen Basketball

Weekly Info

  • Week 15


    Spanish 1

    Monday - Plurals of Nouns/Articles   Quiz on Friday

    Tuesday - Review estar and present tense of ar/er/ir verbs

    Wednesday - Play Against the Clock/Verb Olympics to review estar and ar/er/ir verbs

    Thursday - Computer Lab Activities to Practice estar and regular verbs

    Friday - Kahoot and then Quiz on Estar/Regular Verbs


    Spanish 2

    Monday - Review Reflexive Verbs  Quiz on Friday

    Tuesday - Computer Lab - Activities to Review Reflexive Verbs

    Wednesday - Play Review game/Review Handout for Quiz

    Thursday - Notes on Ser vs Estar

    Friday - Kahoot and then Quiz on Reflexive Verbs