Don't wait until the last minute!

Don't be this guy!

  •  I am always happy to help my students!  My office hours will be on Wednesdays from 3:30-4pm and can be held in person or on Zoom, if a virtual option is prreferred.

    If you missed a test or need to retake a test, this must be scheduled and completed within 5 days of the original test date, unless it is a test at the end of the grading period when grades are due.  Missed tests under these circumstances will need to be scheduled by the student with me.

    Due to new guidelines and requirements in place for Covid-19, I'm certain there will be changes and accomodations we need to make for all kinds of reasons.  If you are absent, please communicate with me about any work missed before our class period begins, and I will get you the information and assignments you need.