Administrative Regulations

  • Welcome to the KISD's Administrative Regulations site. Here you will find local regulations by section. These policies are revised and updated as needed in order to be in compliance with federal or state law, Texas Education Guidelines, and local needs.  

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    A - Basic District Foundation
    No policies on file in this section at this time

    B - Local Governance
    No policies on file in this section at this time

    C - Business and Support Services

    CDC-R  Other Revenues: Gifts and Solicitations

      Purchasing and Acquisition (Instructional Technology)

    CNB-R  Transporation Management: District Vechicles

    CNC-R  Transportation Management: Transportation Safety

    CW-R   Naming of District Facilities: Nomination Form 

    D - Personnel

    DEA-R  Compensation and Benefits: Wage and Hour Laws

    DGBA-R  Employee Complaint Form

    DH-R  Use of Electronic Media

    DM-R  Guidelines for Earned-Off Days

    DNA-R  Performance Appraisal Evaluation of Teachers

    DNB-R  Performance Appraisal Evaluation of Principals

    DPBA-R  Community STAAR Tutor Protocols

    DPBA-R Exhibit  Community STAAR Tutor Agreement

    E - Instruction

    EF-R  Instructional Resources

    EG-R  Curriculum Philosophy:  Purpose & Graduate Profile

    EHBAA-R  Special Education:  Indentification, Evaluation, and Eligibility

    EHBG-R  Special Programs and Pre-Kindergarten Eligibility

    EHDC-R  Horizons Placement Criteria

    EIC-R  Academic Achievement Class Ranking

    EIE-R  Academic Achievement - Promotion and Retention

    EIF-R   Academic Achievement Graduation: Off Campus PE

    EI-R  Academic Achievement/Grading Plan

    EKB-R  State Assessments

    ELA-R Grading/Final Exam Exemptions

    F - Students

    FBA-R  Equal Educational Opportunity Service Animals

    FD-R  Admissions Post Graduation

    FDA-R  Admissions:  Inter-district Transfers

    FDB-R  Admissions and Attendance: Intradistrict Transfers

    FFAC-R  Wellness and Heath Services: Medical Treatment

    FFAF-R  Wellness and Health Services: Care Plans - Exhibits

    FFFA-R  After-School Care

    FMG-R  Student Activities: Elementary Travel

    FMG-R  Student Activities:  Secondary Travel

    FNC-R  Student Felony Notifications

    FNG-R Student/Parent Complaint Form

    FOAB-R  Placement in Alternative Education Setting: Alternative Education Programs; Disciplinary Alternative School; Elementary Students

    G - Community and Governmental Relations

    GE-R  Relations with Parent Organizations

    GF-R Community Complaint Form

    GKD-R  Community Relations: Community Use of School Facilities - 1) Rental Fees; 2) Rental Agreement Form; 3)Accounting Worksheet