• Textbook Review Process

    Kerrville ISD uses a proven process for evaluating potential new instructional materials. Academic Excellence Committees comprised of teachers and administrators first reviewed materials either online or received in hard copy format. Committee members look for materials that are most closely aligned to the state’s curriculum, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS. 

    The Texas Constitution, Article VII, Section 3, requires the State Board of Education set aside sufficient money to provide free textbooks for all children attending public schools in the state. In accordance with this requirement, the SBOE allocates a portion of the Available School Fund, which comprises money set aside by the state from various revenue sources for the support of the public school system. The Texas Legislature appropriates the funds for instructional materials. 

    Parents or community members with questions, comments or feedback on instructional materials are encouraged to contact Heather Engstrom, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, at 257-2200, ext. 1020.