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    Welcome to the Tivy Athletic Booster Club web page. Our goal is to support all Kerrville ISD Athletics through fundraising and volunteering. 

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  • Board Members

    Meet Your 2023-2024 Booster Club Board Members!  

     - Mike Dyal, mike@dyalcustomhomes.com, 830-257-9090

    Treasurer/Budget Committee Chair - Andy Fox, afox@foxmc.biz

    Secretary - Beth Bates, mrsbethbates@gmail.com

    Concession Chair - Lew McCoy, lew@suburbanroofingtx.com, 830-370-6836 

    Scholarship Chair - Lew McCoy, 830-370-6836

    Membership & Media Chair - Tracy Rhodes 830-739-2895  & Shellie Abel 830-285-7716 

    Marquee Chair - Mike Dyal, 830-257-9090


    Kerrville ISD would like to alert the community and local businesses of outside vendors who are selling advertising in the name of Kerrville ISD sports teams. Vendors are using Kerrville ISD campus names, sayings, or logos on promotional products that have not been sanctioned by the school district, and the school district receives no funding from these vendors.

    KISD’s practice when raising funds involves district or campus staff, PTO, and Booster Club members who make personal contact with patrons. They will clearly identify themselves to patrons as either a student, teacher, administrator, PTO, or Booster Club member. KISD urges the community to be aware of any company who may be selling items such as cups, water bottles, T-Shirts, etc. using KISD logos and slogans.

    If one is unsure of the identity of the company or person they are speaking to, they should ask their name, what school they represent, and ask for a call back number. Patrons can also call the campus or district office to verify the vendor’s identity before giving them any money or financial information. For more information, please call 257-2200 ext. 1025.

  • Digital Marquee

    picture of Antler Stadium marquee
    Antler Stadium's digital marquee located on Sidney Baker street provides an excellent advertising opportunity to reach a large audience. Contact Mike Dyal at 830-257-9090 for more information.