• School Health



    Immunizations - Update from Texas Department of Health

    As you prepare to send your children back to school, be sure to check the most recent immunization requirements for Texas school children. You can access the documents below in English or Spanish. 



    Medications - If your  child requires medication be administered at school, please contact the school nurse to discuss the necessary steps. Please consult the KISD policy related to medication disbursement in the schools here. 

  • Health Services Staff

    Karen Anne King
    Tivy High School Nurse/District Coordinator 
    (830) 257-2212, ext. 3525

    Kay Thomas
    Hal Peterson Middle School
    (830) 257-2204, ext.  3087

    Cheryl Barbour
    BT Wilson Sixth Grade School
    (830) 257-2207, ext. 2825

    Christa Montague
    Daniels Elementary
    (830) 257-2208, ext. 2025

    Merri Jean Seibel
    Nimitz Elementary 
    (830) 257-2209, ext. 2225

    Katie Jachade
    Starkey Elementary 
    (830) 257-2210, ext. 2425

    Courtney Burkett
    Tally Elementary 
    (830)257-2222, ext. 2625

    Debbie Lea
    Early Childhood Center 
    (830) 257-1335, ext. 1925