Mrs. Leigh-Elizabeth Decker



Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Studies: Advanced Teaching of English University of Cambridge

Mrs. Leigh-Elizabeth Decker

Greetings!  My name is Leigh-Elizabeth Decker and I am excited to be your child’s English teacher.  First, let me say what an honor it is to spend the year getting to know your son or daughter.  This is my fourteenth year at Tivy High School and I’ve come to love both the Hill Country and the kids that live here. In addition to my role as an educator, I’ve recently completed my principal certification. A life-long student myself, I strive to inspire a love of learning in others.

            My goal is to help your student prepare for a successful experience in college and the world beyond.  Over the course of the next nine months, we will develop and hone our skills of analytic thinking and writing and delve into the world of argument, rhetoric and research. We’ll even find time to survey the very best of British and World Literature. At times the work will be challenging and always writing intensive, but we’ll have lots of fun too. The study of diverse and thought-provoking literature is an excellent vehicle by which students can strengthen both their analytical and creative writing skills. Even more important, however, is that by walking around in the shoes of the characters we study and even those of other classmates, students learn a little bit more about who they are and what they stand for. That is truly awesome to witness and I thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to a fantastic year! Please feel free to email me at: Email is absolutely the best way to communicate with me, so please do not hesitate if you have a question or concern.


                 Leigh-Elizabeth Decker, MSt.