Tally Character Council sponsor, Jennifer Hyde (Art teacher), created a "Tree of Kindness" outside her classroom door so that ALL Tally students can participate in recognizing the kind actions and good character their school peers display. The colorful leaves are made available to Tally students, who then are invited to write a positive note about a fellow Eagle and post it on the tree. This picture represents just the first few days of leaf pinning by Tally students. 

TES Tree

Eagle 3rd graders surprised the entire Tally student body when they popped up and performed a flash-mob style dance to the class tune "R-E-S-P-E-C-T!" Students and parents who were attending the pep rally were pleasantly shocked and soon joined in the fun by dancing and singing along. 

TES flashmob

Eagle Character Council members came together and created hundreds friendship braceletes (pictured). In the end, they wanted every single student in the school to have a friendship bracelet, symbolizing that Tally is a school where everybody is somebody. 

TES Friendship

The Tally Student Council welcomed Antler Leadership Team members as guest speakers during one of their meetings. The Antler Leaders spoke about and discussed the topics of leadership and character.

ALT visit tally

Tally 3rd grade teachers championed a fantastic hallway campain to go along with the third six weeks Character Counts pillar, RESPECT. The picture to the bottom left shows the Respect Commitment poster that every student in the school was invite to sign. The picture to the right features the actual "Pillar of Respect" at the entrance of the 3rd grade hallway.

justdoit respect  tesrespectpillar