Tom Daniels 4th grade students taught 1st graders all about Trustworthiness, our second six weeks Character Counts Trait, by entrusting all five 1st grade classrooms with taking care of their class pets for one week! Can you guess what the 4th grade classroom's class pets are? HERMIT CRABS! That's right! 1st and 4th grade teachers did a wonderful job guiding lessons regarding Trustworthiness as the students delivered the crabs to their temporary homes. There is no doubt that having the ability to trust someone and be trusted are essential components to building solid character!

DES hermitsDES hermits 2

Tom Daniels 5th grade students hold the first annual "New Mustang Shoe-Tying Workshop"! 5th grade Daniels teachers used youtube videos and personal experience when training a group of 15 fifth graders on how to teach their Kindergarten peers how to tie their shoes! The Kinders were very excited to learn a new skill, and the 5th graders felt like a million bucks after serving others with kindness.

Mustang Shoe-TyingClick Here to View Training Video!

Tivy Anlter football players, cheerleaders and Golden Girls visited with Mustang students during 3rd, 4th and 5th grade lunches as part of their "TFND: Lead With Character" campaign. As a bonus, every Mustang received a half-sheet with the campaign name written across the top, along with the signature and jersey numbers of every Tivy Antler in attendance!
***TFND signature half-sheet image below is NOT ACTUAL half-sheet!***

Tivy Cheerleader at DESTivy Antler arm-wrestling DESTFND Character Half-Sheet Example

Antler Leadership Team members teamed up with Mustang 1st graders to build beautiful Christmas ornaments that adorned miniature Christmas trees. The trees were then delivered by ALT members to local community agencies, including MHDD and Edgewater nursing home! This fun-filled holiday activity is now known as the "Christmas Trees for Caring" program and is intended to spread hope and cheer throughout KISD and the Kerrville community during the holiday season!

Christmas Tree ALT ProgramWrase Christmas Caring Hunter Working with students