The Kerrville ISD Early Childhood Campus (ECC) will encourage positive character development among students with an emphasis on kindness, manners and respect.


To positively affect the campus, reduce discipline referrals and prepare students for elementary character education and future academic success.

An effective early childhood curriculum incorporates social and emotion components and provides a safe framework in which children are provided an opportunity to learn self-regulation.  Staff provides students tools in which to express feelings and emotions which are safe and foster positive interactions. The resources used to support the goals and objectives are:

- Conscious Discipline
- Kelso
- Galileo E-Curriculum
- Character Counts
- “Singa” online vignettes

Activities and concepts which may be used

Kindness Capes, Manners Masks, random reinforcers for positive behavior, campus-wide activities focusing on kindness

Parent education about social/emotional development

Utilize “kindness cards” with adults – track outreach to campus and community at large

Staff focus on DOT…Do One Thing

Highlights from 2013-2014

KC Cape ECC  Antler ECC Kindness Wall ECC

(Top Left) ECC Uses Kindness Capes and Manners Masks to Spread the Message that Kindness, Manners and Respect Really Do Matter.

(Top Middle) Tivy Football Player, Reed Dunagan, visits with an ECC student at lunchtime during the TFND: Lead With Character campaign during the fall of 2013.

(Top Right) Bilingual ECC students in Nora Zaizar's classroom recorded each other's acts of kindness with this spiral design created from good deeds written on colorful dots.

This Approach Helps ECC Students to be "Kinder Ready" and to Solve Problems in Appropriate Ways